The underlying idea for the No Pain In My Name project is that if drug studies are really intended to benefit addicts, then the people who have been affected by drug addiction should be able to decide whether these studies continue. If you have been affected by drug addiction, you know what it is to feel pain. You know what it's like to see someone choose drugs over food. You know what it's like to see someone have cold sweats and become violently ill from withdrawal. And you know what it's like to see someone lose their "humanity." Why would someone who has experienced so much pain want that same pain enacted on helpless individuals, while the outcomes of drug use only rise? Through a series of taped manifestos that utilize the power of personal experience, this project will show that people will not stand idly by when medical atrocities are done in their name.


The choices you make in life have a huge impact on animals. Choose to live your ethics. By speaking up for animals and only supporting institutions that do not participate in animal research, we can make a difference. Take action for animals and say "No" to the outmoded practice of animal research.

  • Send an email to Dr. Kaler, the President of the University of Minnesota, asking him to put an end to the use of non-human animals as research subjects.

  • The NIH is currently looking for feedback on the proposed Institute for Substance Use, Abuse, and Addiction.

    Send an email to Dr. Francis S. Collins, the Director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and voice your support for creating a new institute for addiction research without non-human animal research subjects.

  • Choose wisely when deciding which college to attend. Look online to see if the college uses non-human animals as research subjects, and if so consider an alternative.

  • When making a charitable donation, check the Humane Seal website to verify the organization does not support non-human animal research.


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